Firstly, everything I know now came from doing my courses with Milton Row. It really opened my eyes to what I needed to start doing and how I could move forward into the right career. There was a perfect balance of ease and detail that made it all that more enjoyable. It was professional while still being approachable and not throwing you into the deep end. So overall a good course and excellent CV support, with employment opportunities.

Just completed the building surveyor course which took 6 months and I’m very happy with what i’ve done in such a short period of time. It’s a really good course that covered all the basics and also touched on the more in depth details only when it was necessary, so I never felt swamped by an overload of details. So I really urge you to try the course if your unsure about the industry and would like to gain a qualification and experience.

Having finished a while ago and actually tried out what I’ve learned from the entrepreneur course I can safely confirm its quality and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t join earlier, the business skills gained and insight learned during my practical work was priceless. If you’re looking for a push, then do it,  it’s improved me and my business dramatically. Good value for the level of quality and content.

I’m going to keep it short and simple, MiltonRows accounts software training is one of the best courses i’ve bought in years. Through its attention to detail and covering each aspect of the software with care my understanding has increased dramatically. It’s honestly one of the few things I would actually recommend to a friend who is interested in pursuing a career in finance.

This past week I learned more than I would from any book on the market. Experience is invaluable and extremely beneficial for career development. I found the structure really good and the presentation of practical training was exceptional. Theory and practical combined made it a pleasurable experience to learn.

I would 100% recommend joining Milton row for human resources training. The structure of the course is clear, easy to follow and practical. I took me four months to complete and I am now working with Milton row.

Very accessible, flexible and easy to understand. Great tutors who are really supportive and offer guidance all the way to the end. Diverse and engaging syllabus, friendly workforce and great practical skills gained. A Very manageable programme that’s straightforward and has been critical for the progress in my career.

Hard to express just how much I enjoyed doing the law programme. The opportunity to work in a firm after University was becoming near to impossible, application after application until I stumbled across MiltonRow. I learned so much in a small window of time and got the opportunity I was looking for. I can use what I have learned in my current job which I gained thanks to Miltonrow. You’ll really regret not getting in sooner.

I thought this would be difficult! The career services at Miltonrow included a training course and an internship for 5 months in a HR department. I found the whole thing to be pretty easy, great communication and a lot of worthwhile information that I benefited from. Really good programme.

Worth it! Joining Milton Row was one of my wisest decisions ever. The entire programme is simple to understand and has a good level of knowledge and detail without being too difficult. Overall a great programme!